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CDBL Fees and Deposits

CDBL Fees and Deposits

CDBL will charge fees to participants, Issuers and Direct Account Holders, who are also required to lodge security deposits with CDBL, which are refundable upon termination.

CDBL does not charge fees directly to other account holders. Participants are charged fees which they may recover from investors holding accounts with them.

CDBL will raise bills on DPs for Annual Account Maintenance Fee in respect of all their BO Accounts in operations in the CDS as on 30th June covering the period from 1st July to the next year ending on 30th June.

The cut-off date for closing and suspending defaulted BO accounts is 31st July every year i.e. within 31st July DPs shall close or suspend the BO account which has defaulted in paying Annual BO Account Maintenance Fee by 30th June.

CDBL will raise invoices on 1st August to all DPs for Annual Account Maintenance Fee in respect of all BO Accounts opened on or before 30th June and are in operation in the CDS at the close of 31st July (being the cut-off date for closure and suspension) for the year from the next 1st July to 30th June and DPs shall pay the invoice amount to CDBL immediately upon receipt of the invoice.